Know Your Craps Rules Before Betting

Craps is an exciting and high valued online casino game which attracts a number of players both at online and offline casinos worldwide. Players play the craps game on a special table called the craps table and use two dice. The design of the craps dice followed certain standards and strict rules. Today, many new designs of craps have come up, which is based on the popular games of bingo and blackjack.

There are three types of craps rules. In first roll there are two chances to win. If a player rolls a one or two then his stake is increased to one or two. If player rolls a one or two and gets one or two on the following roll then his stake decreases by one or two to one. It means a loss for the player if he rolled a one or two and got no gains. The other type of craps rules is the live roll where there are two chances to win and the first roll creates a cash value and the second roll destroys the cash value.

Another type of craps rule is the pass bet. This means that, before the start of the craps game, each of the players may call a single ball from either the pot or the pocket. The players who call do not have to pay any bet as their opponents also have the same chance of getting the ball. However, this can only be done once. If players who call fail to get a ball then they loose their chance of getting a ball and they may not get a chance of calling again.

One more type of craps rules is the house edge. The house edge is the difference between the expected value of the bets and actual value of the bets. This will depend on how players’ bets. Most often the house edge stands around two percent. There are also other factors such as the number of players in a game, the number of players’ results, the consistency of results among the players, and also the number of tables available for playing craps.

Another factor that may influence the house edge of online craps are the skills and decisions of the players. A player with some experience in playing craps may have an edge because they can calculate the odds better than someone who is new in online craps. However, most experts still believe that a person who plays craps in a live casino has an advantage over online players.

Some online casinos offer bonuses during certain events such as Christmas and New Year. While playing craps game in these online casinos, players have an option of making extra bets. The players who make a lot of extra bets will have better odds of winning.

How to play craps